Trouble installing a custom Wii theme

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    These are the steps I did and ran into a problem with:

    1. Open NUS Downloader

    2. Use 0000000100000002 vXXX
    ---2a. For 3.2 NTSC-U, replace XXX with 289
    ---2b. For 3.2 PAL, replace XXX with 290
    ---2c. For 4.0 NTSC-U, replace XXX with 417
    ---2d. For 4.0 PAL, replace XXX with 418

    3. Click "Start NUS Download"

    4. Open a new window and browse the WADer Folder which you installed WADer.

    5. Copy "common-key.bin" to the folder where you installed NUS Downloader

    6. Drag the WAD you installed with NUS Downloader into "wadunpacker.exe" located in the WADder install folder.

    7. There should now be a "" file where your WAD is located. (if there isn't, your common-key.bin is in the wrong place)

    There wasn't a NUS Downloader installer which installs the folder with the files, so I extracted all the NUS Downloader files and made a folder called "NUS Downloader" and put all those files in there. Now, I put the common-key.bin file in the folder and inside the folder with the WAD, I tried to put it in WADunpacker but I dont see that file. I tried again and then it just immediately closes. How do I fix this?