1. SeanW33

    OP SeanW33 Newbie

    Jul 28, 2008
    United States
    I formatted my G6 Lite flashcard and tried to update the software by putting the two G6 loader files in the root directory, then hitting start select, B, A and selecting yes at the green text. It looks like it worked, but then it gets stuck on the "Processing data... keep power on!" screen in GBA mode. I've waited for an hour I think and it still doesn't get past it, and I've tried formatting and reinstalling the loader software multiple times to no effect. Is there any way to fix my flashcard or have I completely screwed it and have to buy another one? Thanks in advance for any replies.

    Edited: I fixed it myself, I found the command to erase the flashcard memory. Then I formatted and installed the loader, seemed to do the trick
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