Trouble booting games from Disk Menu as soon as the Wii Starts up.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by games2007, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Nov 28, 2008
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    I have to find a way to describe this, so I'll give an example of what's going on.

    Super Paper Mario is in my Wii.
    I turn my Wii on.
    The disk menu remains blank.
    I have to eject the disk and put it back in for it to work.

    Can anyone who doesn't have this problem and is using the Preloader tell me exactly what hacks you have in your hacks.ini file?
    I'm running 3.2U. I downgraded from 4.0 successfully after being disappointed with it.
    Super Paper Mario and other burned games run well, but this is the only problem.
    I had this the first time I used the Preloader, but it stopped after I tried a different hacks.ini file.
    I don't have that file anymore, so can someone tell me what hacks they're using?

    Thanks in advance!

    Another problem fixed ><
    These are the hacks I have set:
    [Replace healthwarning with backgroundmenu]
    [Region free Wii games]
    [Skip disk update check]
    [Region free GC games with video mode patch]
    [Remove diagnostic disk check]
    [No menu BGM]
    [Region free channels]
    [Remove NoCopy protection]
    [Move Disk Channel]- I have this enabled but I don't move the disk channel. If you remove Preloader, which I did once to update to 4.0, you can get bricked. ._.