[Trinity] 4GB Internal MU Freezing RGH Dual Nand

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    Does anyone happen to know where I can buy a new 4GB internal memory unit or know how to fix this issue? I use the MU for my stock NAND. I have removed it from my system because it freezes my second RGH Demon NAND. I have my settings for my Demon NAND set to show No Internal MU so that my hard drive has all my RGH files separate from my stock NAND files.

    I have no idea what could cause the issue because I never modified the stock NAND when dumping it for the Demon. I think that the unit is just going bad because it varies in time on when the Xbox will freeze; sometimes 10 seconds other times I go 40 minutes before it freezes on me.

    Here is a picture of the memory unit pulled from my 360:

    CameraZOOM-20160317221537072.jpg CameraZOOM-20160317221553159 copy.jpg
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    Ebay should have them.
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