Tried for 3 hours to get GCN games to work.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by carasson, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Sep 23, 2010
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    I burned a disc with all NTSC-U games as a multi-game disc and I tried many things to get it to work.
    Before today I had USB Config working, with 249 working and everything all good. I already had a GCN loader on my Wii actually (Think it's the 0.2 one). So I put the Multi-Disc in and I booted up the GCN loader and it turned black and white and it was all distorted and stuff and I was just like welp. So I tried forever to fix it and nothing worked so I went and installed NeoGamma v9 and booted that up and I got an "Error 1208 - Disc ID.". I made a new disc that wasn't a Multi-Disc and only had my backed up Sunshine game on it but still got the same error. So I went to the final step I could think of which was following this guide and I got to the part "
    3. Run the MIOS patcher. (It is called "Installer for WiiGator's cMIOS")."
    When I run it, it just makes my TV turn black and my Wii does absolutely nothing pretty much freezes.
    Can I fix any of the problems I've got!? 1208 error, black TV, fixing ANY of these would help [​IMG]
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    Odd, I never got a black screen on the installer (both versions) and I tried them at least 10 times before posting that guide...

    So you got the game running in the GC launcher, but with a distorted screen? Try Forcing PAL/NTSC and see if that helps.
  3. Porobu

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    Sep 12, 2009
    boot neogamma and press play game on disc WITHOUT any disc on the drive
    If it gives an error you have a D3-2 or D4 drive so no disc backups
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    1. Read the mini FAQ
    2. Install the recommend cMIOS
    3. Use the latest beta

    If the old 0.2 GC launcher did boot the game, but in black and white, and NeoGamma showed a disc read error, i guess it's one of the following:
    - you didn't try the same disc
    - you are using a bad, not GC compatible cIOS
    - you have a bad burn, and you got lucky once with the old loader

    (if you got the game selection screen with the old loader, it does not count as booting a game...)

    Sorry, that's not correct. If you do that and it only displays an error and nothing else, then it will play backups. If it identifies the drive as too new, it will say so.
  5. carasson

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    Sep 23, 2010
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    The weird thing is I never got a game selection screen. It just booted Animal Crossing which was the first game on the disc.
    Is there any way to format my entire Wii and just start over?
    Well I'd like to keep some save files if I could.