Trick DS game into thinking a certain GBA game is in slot-2?

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    I'm wondering if DS Flash Carts and other things have advanced enough to allow tricking a DS game into thinking there's something in slot-2. My thought was that if this is possible I could tell Mega Man ZX that the usable Zero games are slotted in for those exclusive bosses. Any possibility of this? Even in cheat codes maybe?
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    There's no way to actually trick the slot-2 like that. I don't see any cheats for it and most likely you actually need the game in the slot-2 to get those bosses.
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    We did have a thread on the matter here

    Outside of specific games, fiddling with certain types of GBA flash cart or pointing you at desmume and saying use its GBA slot features I don't really have anything I can point at and say "do this". I cover some of the things on the link so I could see it happening as a simple cheat or ROM hack* but actual worked up hacks are a bit thin on the ground.

    *ignoring the games that load saves and pull data from those I am not aware of any that actually look at the game's data and do things with that, to that end there is probably a little statement in the game somewhere that says read GBA cart slot, if header value = one I want then load extras, else carry on as normal, you then change that else to also load the extras (or something that mimics that effect) and it is all good. That could be a description of how you see and do one of the fundamental types of assembly ROM hack (think making infinite ammo or health or lives or something) but again for this specific type of thing there are no examples I can even point to, let alone ones for megaman specifically.