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Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by omnipotentorion, Dec 2, 2009.

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    * I just noticed that the title of this topic misspells Tantric, my apologizes.*

    I just wanted to point out an unlikely and fixable solution to those who may have troubles streaming roms via SMB from their computer HDD to their Wii. This applies to SNES9X GX, VBA GX, and FCE Ultra GX.

    Problem: All roms, either archived (zipped) or extracted (unzipped) streamed via SMB from a computer HDD to the Wii incur the error messages: "Cannot Recognize File Type" and/or "Invalid Rom Size" when previously they had worked.

    Cause: When running disk cleanup on Windows XP the system may further compress old files when that check box is selected. These files are quite noticeable as their description will have a blue font instead of a black font.

    1. Copy and load roms via DVD
    2. Copy and load roms via external HDD
    3. Copy and load roms via SD
    4. (Recommended) Simply copy your existing shared folder on your HDD and paste onto the desktop. If you already have the shared folder on the desktop, then simply copy and paste it onto the desktop again. Delete the old shared folder and you should notice the new copy of the shared folder (which is no longer set to share) has all file descriptions in black font again. Set the folder permissions to share again and place the folder wherever you'd like. You may also rename the folder to whatever you'd like as well.

    I believe that when you copy and paste the files they are rolled back to their decompressed state to preserve file integrity. Decompressed in the sense that whatever compression disk cleanup may have incurred onto them no longer applies.

    If you are an individual who does not run disk cleanup, or chooses not to compress old files when running disk cleanup, then this may not apply to you. Likewise, if you stream roms quite regularly then this may not apply either since windows will not recognize them as old.

    I run Windows XP Pro and after Tantric updated his GX emulators I decided to play them again after a long period of time. That is when I ran into this problem and the solutions to this problem.

    I hope this can help at least one person as I have researched the internet and found no other viable solution, even contacting the program author Tantric didn't help. You can find my question to him on his Wiki discussion page:

    Spirit Tracks on Dec. 7th, can't wait! [​IMG]
  2. mousex

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    Jan 23, 2009
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    Solution 5:
    Right click on the folder, advanced properties, disable compression (also for sub-folders).
    This will simply decompress them.
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