"Translator's Cut" Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 Patch Version 1.10 release

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The Tales of series translation patch community KAJITANI-EIZAN released Patch Version 1.10 for Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 for Game Boy Advance.
This so called "Translator's Cut" is a Partial English translation patch that adds several new gameplay features in addition to the usual feats of programming required to deliver good English text presentation in an originally Japanese game.
"The Translator's Cut represents features that aren't in the original game that may significantly impact the presentation or gameplay beyond simply localizing and typesetting the text.
By default, this is ENABLED for new games and loads of save data from the Japanese version or previous patch versions.
To DISABLE it, press L (Lame) at the title screen (for new games) or the Config submenu. To ENABLE it, press R (Rad) instead. Your preference will be saved.
The Translator's Cut features are listed below:

- Character rename (press START and then A at the main submenu)
- Targetted enemy info popup (must scan with Magic Lens or Inspect arte)
- Subtitles for voice lines
- Extra capabilities in battle:
- Guard while casting (Spell Cancel)
- Guard + Attack + Artes for desperation Mystic Artes*
- Guard + Down for artes that confer invulnerability*
(*relevant arte descriptions have icons added to indicate this)
- START at the battle menu to change modes (Manual/Semi-auto/Auto)
- L at the battle menu to change controlled character (Moon Selector)
- Debug menus (see below)

There are mostly-functional debug menus hidden within the town and the battle submenu -- have fun with them if you figure out how to access them!"

v1.10 -- More catchup with ND2.
- Implemented a proportional menu font ("8x8 VWF"), along with many
related text presentation improvements.
- Implemented the abilty to enable/disable Translator's Cut, a means
for the player to do so via button input, and the ability to save
the preference.
- Translated the battle voice lines and implemented subtitles to
display the translations.
- Exposed the main debug menu, cleaned up its presentation for
easier usability, and added a sound test to it.
- Added a targeted enemy info popup with HP and attack attribute/
resistance/weakness data.
Added extra capabilities in battle: Mystic Arte input, invulnerability
arte input, Spell Cancel, Battle Mode selector, Moon Selector.
(See Notes for details.)
Cleaned up the map menu and turn display graphics slightly.

v1.01 -- Minor bugfix patch.
- Fixed certain conditions under which enemy names will display
improperly in battle.
- Fixed the trap selection dialog, used in some maps in which you
can place traps prior to deploying your units.

v1.00 -- Yet another catchup effort to bring ND3 in line with progress on ND2.
- Translated more of the main story, up through the end of the
second mission.
- A proportional dialogue font ("VWF") was implemented with
automatic, dynamic word wrapping and pagination.
- Some menu presentation improvements.
- Some retranslations and textual edits.

v0.30 -- First release in a long while! If you've seen the more recent ND2
patches, you'll know what to expect. Localized item, character,
arte, etc. names, a thinner font, and some translated dialogue.
Unfortunately, there's not much dialogue for now -- if you're
interested and you know Japanese, don't hesitate to email me :P
What's done:
- Pretty much anything that could be considered menu text. Items,
item descriptions, monster descriptions, etc. etc.
- The Lithographs. (Also the first and last Hero Lore entries.)
- Town locations.
- Bits of dialogue. The intro up until you arrive in the Destiny 2
world, the arena sidequest, and I think maybe a bit in the middle.
More forthcoming (maybe).
- Cleaned up the title screen credits a bit.
- If you're wondering what the other .ips file is for, see the Notes

v0.26 -- A few new things:
-Title screen logo.
-Victory/Defeat conditions.
-As usual, a few things I may have forgotten.

v0.25 -- More new stuff:
-Prologue/Introduction text (as the camera pans across town).
-Dungeon names at the mission select screen.
-Changed the title screen a bit (Mr. Fujishima gets more space).
-Probably some other stuff, but I forgot.

v0.20 -- Second patch. Here's what's new:
-Menus. This includes most of the generic text, the buttons,
the A/B button in-mission menus, shops, etc.
-Yes/No bubbles.
-Blue flashing things in menus.
-Character banter and death speeches.
-Accessory and Tool descriptions. Root descriptions pending.
-Title screen, minus the ToWND3 logo.
-Location names that appear upon arriving at a location. They
look pretty bad, though, thanks to the off-centering.
-Bit of hacking for a few 7-letter name situations, making the
shops look a bit nicer, etc.
-Some in-battle text, such as for gambling, Drum Master,
Barbatos's auto-counters, Judas's Hi-Ougi, a few enemy
skills, etc.
-Some map event text.
-Few other minor edits here and there.

v0.10 -- First patch. The following items have been translated:
-Item names
-Character names
-Costume names
-Skill names
-Cooking recipe names
-Titles and bonuses
-Various menu options
-Other things that I may have forgotten

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