[TRANSLATION][RELEASE] Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3DS

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    Yeah, he's a real pain in the ass.
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    That's one hell of a difficulty spike. I beat the 2nd to last ship without losing maybe 100HP. Final ship? Half my health gone in the first shot, 20 seconds in. My goodness, the grind might get too much for this. Awesome translation, great game, but honestly this difficulty spike is part of the reason I see Mori Mori 2 is always talked about as the best and this one was a bit of a step back. Still a really fun game, but this might get put on the backburner now that I've seen all there is to see in the game.
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    They do, I used them for the sake of having all items to attempt the 20 battle thing.

    That don't work too well against the final boss. You played the one on the first DS, right? Same logic except the drills that block your cannons are a lot more durable in this one.
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    Spam shields.
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