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    Anyone know where I can find a site for translations from Japanese to English? I would really like to play some of the (J) RPG's, but don't speak or read Japanese... I know that there are translations for some games being worked on, but I was wondering if maybe there is a dump with the language hacks for any completed roms.. (I hope this doesn't get me banned)
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    United States is the only DS translation group I know of (and as far as I am aware it is the only bonafide one). They are currently working on Jump Super Stars and are reasonably far, if a bit inactive of late.
    Myself and Onodream translated pretty much fully (no graphics were played with yet, but pretty much all the menu's were) the US version of NSMB to French but that is pretty useless seen as the European version has now been released. (For anyone else reading my call for translation help for the languages not covered by the European release is still ongoing by the way, I will provide help if you want to reword or tidy up a release as well)

    I am still learning all this rom hacking buisness (NSMB uses plain uncompressed ASCII so it was easy to translate) but DS rom hacking is especially hard as there is no decent emulator (15 minutes of musical memory cards will give you a new found level of appreciation for emulators), not to mention many tools that make life easier are for earlier consoles ROM images.
    Apart from that I have yet to see any translations for the DS, I have a few more things waiting in the wings but my personal focus is on level hacks right now.
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    Wow - I didn't even know there was any translations at all. Thanks for all the cool work. There are a few jap-heavy games I would love to see eventually translated.
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    and they probably won't be.