Transferring save files from Wii to Wii-U

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    Well this would normally be an easy process using Nintendo's save transfer thing, but it requires you to use the SD card slot on the Wii. Unfortunately the SD slot on my Wii broke (doesn't read SD cards anymore and the spring fell out and such) ***NOTE it did at one point work when I held it in there, but not anymore***

    I was just wondering if there is some sort of homebrew that transfers save files from the Wii to the vWii on the Wii-U.

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    you could try SaveGame Manager GX to extract your saves to a USB drive then use it again on the Wii U (vWii) to restore your saves.
    I am not 100% sure if SaveGame Manager GX works with usb drives as i have not tested that myself but the changelog for it seems to mention USB support.

    the problem is that you cannot transfer your purchases over to the Wii U (vWii) without using the official app.
    you can however download/(dump your own->unpack->zero the ticket->then repack) the wads for your games and install those on the Wii U (vWii).
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