Transferring sav from gateway installed CIA to luma3ds CIA

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    So i had been using gateway for the longest time and i installed a bunch of cias to the emunand. I have a long progress on that cia dragon quest 8 and now i started clean with another sd card with luma 3ds and installed DQ8 cia.

    I have tried to use this guide

    But nothing seems to work. Can anyone assist? I have the file that gateway created called 000400000018F200.sav and have been working with that but nothing seems to have worked.
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    cia saves are saved in the Nintendo folder. do you have a backup of your old emunad. ot sure what you mean by started clean but if you did a9hl you should have injected your emunand over sysnand then your saves would have auto worked. that's gateway.sav is the sav file for the games on the gateway cart not the cias
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    .sav files are from games played from the Gateway cartridge. Follow this to convert them to cia games:

    Cia games can have their save files extracted using JKSM in the NAND where they exist, then they can be imported to the NAND you want to use them on.

    It sounds like you used Gateway on your emuNAND and are now using sysNAND. All you have to do in this case is follow to transfer all the data from your emuNAND to your sysNAND. This way you'll have all the saves etc.

    For all ways of getting your saves back you'll need the SD card that contained the emuNAND and the Nintendo 3DS folder that was being used at the time.
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    No guys. These guides are ONLY needed when transferring GW games from CARTRIDGE to CIA. CIA to CIA works simply by using JKSM dumping the saves then reimporting them. But umm... what's your setup? You could just port your GW emuNAND over to Luma and not have to reinstall anything. Otherwise, yes just dump the save with this and then reimport them with it to the new NAND or whatever it is that you have. No renames etc. because CIA saves are not saved to <titleID>.sav files.
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