Transferring NNID and some game saves from one n3DS emunand to another n3ds emunand

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    Jun 10, 2011
    I have a black n3DS XL and am thinking of buying the ACHHD n3DS XL so I can have an IPS upper screen (I'm not going to try and find an IPS lower screen as well, that's probably near impossible). I don't really think I need to transfer everything I really just want my NNID on there (there's no associated purchases on this NNID, I just want to keep it for some reason) and also there's a few game saves from CIAs that I want t keep. I'll need to downgrade the ACHHD n3DS to 9.2 and then instal emunand which I think I can do following the guides (I have ReiNand at the moment so I may as well go AuReiNand this time), but I'm unsure of how hard it would be to transfer the NNID and if I just extract same game is it as simple as just injecting those game saves into the CIAs on the new 3DS?

    I'm just sick of the TN screen and envying all the IPS screens I see on other people's 3DSs, I think it's time to bite the bullet and buy a n3DS that has IPS :S