Transferring GBA Pokemon to DS via Pokesav

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    Right, I've got a ton of Pokemon I would love to have on my DS games (and then X/Y when it comes out) but the grunt work to get them there is going to be tedious. I haven't completed any of the Gen IV games (currently at the Dragon gym in SoulSilver with intentions of beating it now :/ )

    I need a way to transfer my Pokemon up from Gen 3 SAV to a Gen 5 SAV preferably in one jump but multiple saves can be used if required. I found a program online called "Pokemon Encyclopedia" but the PKM files it generates results in a "Wrong File Type Error" from both PokeSAV B/W (0.6c) and PokeSAV SS/HG (0.03a).

    Anybody know of a way I can do this or will i have to find a completed Gen IV save online and transfer that way? If so do you know a way to avoid having to wait a day in between the transfers?
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    HG/SS has no wait time between transfers.
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    Bumping this since I have the same question. :/