Transfering saves from G6 to actual rom?

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    I've been playing Etrian Odyssey for a while now on the flash cart and it's definitely the type of game I'd want in my library, so I ordered a copy from Gamestop. The problem is I really didn't want to stop playing. I've put in about ten or fifteen hours so far and if there's a quick way to just transfer that save to the actual card, I'd prefer to do that. Aside from the G6 hardware itself, I also have an Action Replay DS. Don't know if that matters at all but I figured if there's a way, might as well go for it.
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    Dec 14, 2006
    one word


    google it
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    No need for REIN - G6s have an option to backup the save from a ROM to a DS card.

    Just make sure your DS card you want to transfer the save to is in the slot when you're on the G6 menu (might require you to quickly take out your passcard, then insert the retail cart during G6s startup).

    Then hover over the ROM so that it's blue, but you've not actually run it. Press select and chose the option to backup the save from deafult -> DS card.

    That should work a treat. [​IMG]