Transfering Saves From Banned To Unbanned

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    Sorry if this has been asked before. My GF has a profile on my banned 360. She was playing Final Fantasy on her profile on the banned 360. We recently bought the game, and want to play it on the un-banned 360. I had her copy her saved game to memory card, log into the unbanned 360, make a profile (same name as the one on the banned 360) and loaded the game. It did not see the saved games. Am I missing something? Or is this not possible?
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    This last banwave caused the secdata.bin to "corrupt" on all 360s that were banned (it is known in the community as crippling). Saves made after the ban will not work on unbanned 360s unless you "uncripple" it and save it again.

    It does involve some soldering but the idea is you dump the NAND, find an old pre ban secdata.bin (the way NAND works means there will probably be one or two kicking around, as it was already signed it is all good), swap out the new banned one for the old, rebuild the NAND image and flash it back.

    Aside from dumping and flashing the middle part (finding, checking, rebuilding) is taken by a single tool these days.
    Old guide:

    You can ignore the hex editing and instead opt for something like: