Transfering from DSi >> 4.5 3DS to

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    I've finally decided to restore all my content from my old DSi and 4.5 3DS to my new fully updated XL.

    can someone assist me through the process to make sure I don't screw this up?

    on my DSi I have content such as LOZ: Four Sword Anniversary Edition (can't get anymore), Photo Dojo, Asphalt 4, Cave Story, Flipnote Studio and Retro Keyboard.

    my 3DS has Pokedex 3D *the free one that they removed from the store in favor of the $15.00 "pro" one*, Zelda 4 swords, Xevious 3D, and X-Scape.

    on my XL I would like to keep my MiiPlaza characters and don't want to overwrite it with the 3DS

    but I have a few Caveats that typical Nintendo customers don't have /

    1. my DSi is sudokuhaxed. (I would prefer to leave it on the DSi and not transfer it)

    2. I do not have a gateway yet, but my 3DS is 4.5.0-10...a prime firmware for gateway. I would need to EMUNand for this as updating is required (not now of course due to the EMUNAND killing update)