ROM Hack transfer Legit CIA EmuNAND-> unhacked SysNAND, possible?

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so I have 2 friends- friend one has a o3ds with Sys 6.x and Emu 11.x (gateway, not the "a9lh beta" one) , and friend two has his 2ds updated by mistake to sys 11.x , and is unwilling to buy a game just to downgrade (the sekret way to downgrade with that dsi game).
so now the question is- is it possible to do system transfer from the first friend's emunand to transfer some specific titles(I heard its possible, never done sys trans b4 by myself tho) that just happen to be legit roms of pkmn xy/oras?
ah, and the one with the unhacked 2ds didn't buy anything on his NNID so he doesnt care about deleting it...

something like it-
1. friend 1 installs legit cia on his emunand
2. friend 1 transfers it via sys trans to friend 2
3. profit

now there are some things I can see that could be problematic... like the fact that the one with the o3ds has some hacked roms from freeshop and from dat iso site... so nintendo could(?) possibly(?) see that and either to ban him or to cancel the transfer... IDK.... thats why I ask here...

so please - is it possible?

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Its just for playing, not for hb or hacking....
And can basehax be even used to downgrade?
And that dsi game... isnt it down already? If not please pm me its name...

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Ah and can I somehow transfer legit cia from my a9lh'ed n3ds into stock 2ds?


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Jul 22, 2016
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Man you know why nobody said its name, right? Please dont say it again...

Can you enlighten me on what's the big deal on telling the name?
Many people have mentioned the name of the game already too in other threads related to this topic
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