Transfer installed CIAS from o3ds 10.3 emunand to 9.2 n3ds emunand(can upgrade to 10.3)

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    I want to transfer my installed cias from my o3ds 10.3 emuand to my 9.2 emunand(i can get it to 10.3 with reinand) I tried doing a simple folder drag and it ended up not working out and I bricked my emunand after installing ticket.db from my o3ds to my n3ds.No idea why.I also have a movable.sed backup from my 03ds emunand but I was told I needed to hex edit some files. I am really eager to move all my games without manually downloading each cia on the net and manually reinstalling.Is there anything you could do to help me out?

    Thanks my friends at gbatemp,just do not want to brick emunand again since it was a pain in the rear to fix.


    Sorry for the double post but I wanted to edit my title.
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    I am pretty sure that you won't get any different answer in this thread than you got in the other one where cearp and I offered advice.

    Basically the most efficient way is to do use reinand to get the N3DS on 10.3 and do a system transfer. If you follow the instructions in the transfer process you will get the option to transfer installed content as well. This SHOULD include saves, but if you want to be safe you can use SDF to back them up beforehand so they are available to restore if they didn't copy.
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