Transfer Files from 64GB MSD to 128GB MSD

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    I am wanting to put a 128GB MicroSD from my 64GB MicroSD. However, I know I can not do a simple Cut->Paste to the new Card. For some reason, I have to use some App to take the NAND/EmuNAND from the 64 and put it in the 128. Trying to find out what exactly I need to do in order to do this.
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    I've found that cloning the entire SD card to the bigger one, and then expanding the data partition to the right will bring over the EmuNAND stored in the 1GB of space at the beginning, even though it's seen as unallocated. I used MiniTool Partition Wizard back in the day to clone my 32GB + EmuNAND to my 64GB.