Transfer Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) save from Yuzu to console

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk. Fried consoles, bans, or anything that may happen, it's not on me.

Animal Crossing New Horizons = ACNH
FitGirl Yuzu Repack = FGYR
Nintendo Switch Console = NS

This method could potentially work for transferring other backups from Yuzu to console.


Prior to finding a NS V1, ACNH FGYR (FitGirl Yuzu Repack) v1.7 was how I got down. For the NS, I couldn't find v1.7 anywhere online so I tried installing v1.6, v1.8 and v1.11 to emuMMC CFW, but kept getting software update prompts when starting the game. To install ACNH to CFW and continue where I left off from ACNH FGYR:
- I compiled ACNH FGYR NCAs into a new ACNH.NSP
- Verified ACNH.NSP was good by installing it to NAND of Mario Kart FGYR
- Transplanted the ACNH FGYR game save to Mario Kart FGYR directory
- confirmed ACNH save was playable in Mario Kart FGYR environment
- Installed ACNH.NSP
- Restored ACNH FGYR game save
= Outcome successful

This guide assumes familiarity with Hekate, Atmosphere installing .nro releases from github. Though these steps may not be the most "pro" way of doing things, it worked for me and I hope it helps you too. I don't know how this impacts updates, bans or any other stuff. I play only on emuMMC offline or modded online. Tested on: NS V1, hekate v5.6.3 & Nyx v1.0.8, emuMMC, FW 13.0.0, Atmosphère 1.1.1, Sig Patches 9/24/2021.

- Follow guide, set up emuMMC
- enable AutoRCM (to prevent booting into OFW and burning fuse)
- set up Incognito
- block updates
- update with Daybreak (FAT32 + exFAT)
-- download/extract FW upgrade (Google "switch firmware")
--- mine was on 9.0.1 and I upgraded to 13.0
-- "Preserve settings" optional
* tip = dock the NS if Daybreak hangs at 0%, 10-15 mins later remove it, shut down
- download sig patches
-- basically copy the "atmosphere" and "bootloader" folders to SD root (OK overwrite)

Setup TinWoo over USB with Android
- get Tinwoo
- install NS-USBLoader APK to Android
- follow git instructions to set up (OTG needed (OTG on phone side, plug USB-C side into NS)

- R-click desktop shortcut > Open File Location
- Windows file explorer > search "nca"
- R-click first file > Open File Location
- make a note of this NCA directory

While in ACNH FGYR, backup the save data
- R-click icon > Open Save Data Location
- backup 01006F8002326000 folder to another location on computer

- Install hacpack/GUI
- Keyset file = prod.key from device dump
- Title ID = 01006F8002326000
- NSP tab > NCA directory > navigate to the noted ACNH FGYR NCA directory
- click Build NSP (errors OK)

Install Mario Kart FGYR (or any other FGYR)
- File > Open Yuzu folder > paste prod.key from device dump (ok overwrite)
- Tools > Re-initialize keys
- File > Install Files to NAND > select ACNH.NSP
- once installed > R-click ACNH icon > Open Save Data Location > paste backed up 01006F8002326000 folder from ACNH FGYR
- start ACNH inside Mario Kart FGYR
- should load and ask "Continue" or "Start fresh"
- choose "Continue" and confirm that you can continue your progress from ACNH FGYR

- Install ACNH.NSP
-- I used the USB-Android method (see Step 1)
* If problems, try USB HDD method with external USD drive via OTG

- Until save point > save and close game
- Shutdown NS > remove SD
- copy 01006F8002326000 folder to "SD:/JKSV/Animal Crossing New Horizons"
-- to make "SD:/JKSV/Animal Crossing New Horizons/01006F8002326000"

- Select "Device" (A) > select "ACNH" (A)
- Right menu, Restore 01006F8002326000 (Y, Hold A)

- should load and ask "Continue" or "Start fresh"
- choose "Continue"
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