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    Aug 29, 2010
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    Hi. I wanted to train Earthbound Virtual Console on the 3DS so I did.

    Get NTR working and launch and connect with this app!


    There are other tutorials. Not too tough. Find IP address of 3DS and connect.

    The Process we are looking for when we launch SNES VC is the CTRAPP one. (An unknown I had to find)

    The game memory seems to be in the 08----- block. (Searching through all memory is WAY too slow (and for a 1 byte value)) (Lucky for you and me, I guessed right and searched there)

    I was able to guess the right block partly because when scanning the block the VC would stutter. Probably the right memory?

    Search your values like you usually do! See a training tutorial.

    I searched for health and money. I actually found the offset between the two in ZSNES. I then found health using NTR cheat tool and subtracted the offset to go looking for money. I got close, but ultimately I needed to scan a portion of memory, as I was poking at my calculation but screwing up the region (I wiped out the $ indicator). The offset was 1E2. So I decided to just check the whole region. You can do that in NTR cheat tool by setting a start addr and size and specitying a search type of unknown.

    Anyways. Thought I'd write this up as I did search. I also didn't feel like exporting and importing Snes VC saves, which is also convoluted.

    Train, 3DS, Virtual Console, Earthbound, N3DS, New Nintendo 3DS. Cheats. Cheating.

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    Have they even found out the proper way to get SNES VC's imported and exported from 3ds to pc to 3ds? Last I heard they still had issues and could not.
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