Trading/online on same Nintendo account, different switches?

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    May 26, 2008
    I have two switches: one unpatched - unbanned clean sysnand & offline hacked emunand, one lite.
    I bought Sword and Shield physically.
    I want to trade, local wireless and maybe online too, between the two pokemon games.

    Should I make a second, new Nintendo account for my switch lite?
    I already have one for my old switch.
    I was thinking I should use the same account if I want to save money if I ever sign up for the Nintendo Online service.
    If I had 2 accounts, I'd need to pay twice and of course I'd prefer to pay once :)

    With one Nintendo account, can I play online on two switches, but different physical games?
    Or can you only be 'online' with an account on one device at a time?
    These aren't digital games, I can imagine it might be different if they were.

    The reason I'm hesitant about the account stuff is because I read that physical switch games don't save to the cart.
    And game saves are tied to your switch user/Nintendo account.
    I just want as much flexibility as I can get.

    1. Any pros/cons for 1 account, 2 switches?
    2. Able to use 1 account's paid online on 2 switches at once?
    3. Able to use 1 account, 2 switches for local wireless play?
    4. Anything else? :)

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