Trading from Pokemon Colosseum to Fire Red or Emerald on a flashcard?

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  1. constantgamer247

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    Mar 11, 2011
    Not sure were to post this strange thought but it just crossed my mind and I'm curious.

    So Im almost at the point in pokemon coloseum where I can trade my purified shadow pokemon to a GBA game. My origional GBA pokemon games are at that shitty point where you just easily defeated the last gym leader and the elite4 is next but it is too dificult so you have to grind >_< So since I dont have the national dex I wont be able to link to the GCN.

    I play pokemon on my flash card, ezFlash iv, a lot more because 1 GBA game is easier to cary than all 5 pokemon games. Any way my Fire Red and Emerald on my ezFlash iv is complete. Tonight when I get home and can get to a Second GBA and link cable im going to try trade from my Emerald save on my flash card to an official game. I didnt add a rest patch, just save patch when I added the roms so the link features should work. (Ill post back later and let you know how that goes)

    Im just wondering if any one thinks or knows if you can trade from a flash card to coloseum, or if I should go unlock the national dex on my offical cartridges?
  2. noob killer

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    Aug 30, 2011
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    well man have you beat red. aslo you should be able to with a flashcart just like a regular gba to trade and as for national pokedex if you have 2 gb's trade a poke over from the other pokedex