Trade my current TV with an LED TV?

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    As some of you know, I currently own a 32" Vizio LCD HDTV and while it's been good for the most part, there are few nitpicks I have about it. For starters, the apparent lack of legacy 240p/240i native resolution. Games that use this do not display properly (such as VC games, Mega Man X collection to name a few) on component. Composite is out of the question because it looks like utter s**t. Not to mention that the colors, tint/contrast don't look as crisp or as clear under its preset game mode, it looks a little dark and dull. Granted, I regret not having done more research prior to buying this TV a year ago, I just splurged and bought it because it was reasonably priced (roughly $350 with tax). My question is, would be worth somehow selling this for cash and spend what I make getting a 32" Samsung or LG LED HDTV instead? As for resolution, I personally do not need the full 1080p experience as I'm satisfied with my PS3 games in 720p/1080i, it reall doesn't look that bad at all in my opinion, so why should I spend extra money for higher resolution?

    Any advice/suggestions on what brand I should get? And yes, I only want to spend so much, preferably, less than $400 if possible.
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