Tracking down info on Gameboy Action Replay / Gameshark regional variants


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Apr 29, 2018
United States
I am in the process of writing replacement software for un-bricking & re-flashing, (as well as cheatdb editing), the Gameboy Action Replay / Gameshark, due to the original PC software no longer functioning on modern OSs.

As part of this I am trying to track down copies of the original PC software used with them, to see if there are any differentiating files between the various regional releases (specifically in the way of any potential on-disc firmware updates and/or skin files.)

Does anyone still own the original discs for the following devices and would be willing to help me do some digging?
(I am not asking for any files/isos of the discs in question, just for some information, and/or potentially buying said discs off of users if willing.)

Action Replay Online (Europe/Australia)
Action Replay Xtreme (Europe/Australia)
Action Replay Xtreme Special Edition (Europe/Australia)
Gameshark Special Edition (North America)
Pro Action Replay 4MAX, (Asia)

action replay online.jpg action replay xtreme special edition v2.jpg action replay xtreme special edition.jpg action replay xtreme.jpg
gameshark special edition.jpg pro ar 4max v1.jpg pro ar 4max v2.jpg
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