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    Mar 16, 2007
    The game pretty much throws you directly into running the shop. So it may take some time to get a hang of how to play the game.

    1) Toy levels
    Level 1 - 9%, 2 - 19%, all the way to level 9 - 89%, and level 10 - 100%. Also you may unlock the next tier of items when you reach level 10.
    As your toy levels up, production cost and production time decreases.
    Also, when your toy level is 20 or above you produce 2 toys for the price of one (confirmed for the first 3 toys: wood train, ragdoll and spider). This significantly increases your profit and you won't easily run out of stock because you can produce over hundred toys in a day.
    (So if you produce one for $4 and sell it for $6, that's only $2 profit. If you produce two for $4 and sell them for $6 each, that's $8 profit. The more expensive the toy, the more extra profit you gain.)

    2) Toy pricing
    I was told by tutorial or someone else to keep my toy priced low in order to make customers happy. It turns out, that you can overprice things to a certain point and customers will still be happy. For example, default sale price for float is $6. Since it was summer I tried to sell it for $12, customers were happy. I tried $13, not a single one sold for entire day (even people who have enough in their wallet and have maximum summer item gauge wanted to buy it)
    As a all season safe, increase $(2 + floor(default price / 10)) to every item. So for $5 cost toy, default sale is $6, make it $8. For $50 cost toy, default sale is $55, make it $62, etc. More experiment with seasonal gear is needed.

    3) Hanging out with people
    By talking to people you may unlock some blueprints, but I'm not sure whether it has prerequisites or just given out no matter what.
    I know you can buy a bigger place for $5000, and a place in a mall for $7000. Bigger places attract more customers and richer customers, but that's all I found out by talking to people.

    4) Double displaying
    Customers will visit every display in the shop. If you place the same item in multiple displays, some customers will buy multiple of the same item. Also if a customer picks up items, it takes some time to recharge, so multi-displaying is a way to ensure a customer goes home happy.
    But since the stocks decrease that much faster, you may need to help out with the production. The game felt like PSP game WorkTimeFun at first.

    5) Recommended early development
    Focus on wood train, ragdoll, and spider. Getting to level 20 really helps. As a first new toy, go with ANA. ANA level 10 unlocks summer toy and board game category items. Also dolls are very popular in Spring it seems. In late Spring (~25th?) start producing float, try to get level 10 float before the end of first week of Summer. You get Shark and Bucket when it hits level 10. Bucket should sell decently if you have room to invest in a new toy. There isn't much variety in Fall, just get mask to level 10 first, and if you are financially stable, try stink bomb as well.

    This is just some hints and tips, open to discussion and subject to change [​IMG]

    Edit: I press start, touched save, touched return, the game froze I turned it off and on again my save's gone poof!
    Sigh.. My entire day...
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