Toxic behaviour in Games and RL


Jul 1, 2004
Germany , NRW
Hi guys, guess this is not a first for this topic but as I was kinda interested in New World I was reading Steam Discussion sometimes lately and damn are there many kids complaining about bans that were actually way to easy in my opinion.

Just today I read the complaint of some guy saying he was "lobwie hunting" with his friends and killing some noobs over and over again and got banned after doing it to often and "teebaging" them, that guy was so upset and couldn't understand how this is supposed to be toxic behaviour.

Even though it seems that many young follks in the last few years kinda got "better" like less alcohol, cigarets and other drugs there are others who are way worse like the scissor is opening up much much further then it did in the past. "kids" are running around burning trash cans and destroying playgrounds so that noone can use it anymore also destroying and stealing other stuff only to make others feel miserable.
When did it become cool or started to make ones own life better to make others feel miserable and take away from them ?

// Also on a side note, the thing about not wanting others to get something seems to be strong on adults as well which I noticed a lot lately because of corona.
Whenever they asked people if it would be okay to give some freedom back, people were like "no don't give anyone freedom!" which I just don't get, not like this won't allow you to take care of yourself anymore.

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