Tournament of Legends (Minor problem)

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    Aug 21, 2009
    I have been getting into 'Tournament of legends', and its actually not that bad, even thopugh I think they should have stuck with the gladiator A.D style, but anyway.

    I have played the story mode through with the gladiator character (Marcus), and 5 or 6 fights in everythign seemed to be running & playing fine, then I got to the kraken level and near the end of the fight, just when i delivered the finishing blow (I believe) the screen went black, though I could still hear the game sounds going on, so I just pressed 'A' a few times to goto the next battle. Fortunately, when the next match came up, the screen reappeared, so I just brushed it aside and carried on playing. Now, during this fight, when the monsters native to the specific arena's attack both fighters, and some wiimote movements appear on the screen, for you to try and replicate so that you can dodge the native monsters attack, the wiimote movements were not shown and it just showed a red cross (like when you fail to replicate the movement in time) and the arena's native monster hit me. I carried on playing through the game, but each time this part of the game happened (the wiimote movements appeared for you to replicate) in didnt seem to show what movements to do, just the red cross saying I had failed the movements.

    I know this is a minor thing as the battles are otherwie fully playable, but it is a shame. I'm just wondering if anyone else as experienced this, or something else, in this game?

    I am running it on Disc, via Neogamma (the recent beta 26 version). My specs being used are as follows :

    CiosX rev19 (base 37)
    Burned on Verbatim DVD-R @ 2x (like all the Wii games I burn are)

    Note : The wiimote movement sequences were fine, and appeared on screen as they should do, before the screen went black at the end of the Kraken Arena's battle.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, as anyone run this off USB ? Doesit dot he same, if you have played through the story ? Please remember that this did not happen until about 6 battles into the story mode.

    thanks :>