Toukiden Kiwami PSP Translation (Looking for Members)

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    Apr 12, 2016
    Hello guys. I am trying to translate some of important texts in the game but sadly, I translated 1% of the game, because I am too busy to work with it. I can do it without items translated, but I occassionally open my PC. I can tell how to translate, the procedures so that you can translate any of PSP game. But the bad thing is, I don't know how to create a PPF file so that I can share to you my progress.DATA_A.BIN itself is too big to upload. Now, my table is open, for those who want to help for translation.
    If 1Nsane who patched the Toukiden: Age of Demons PSP is still active, it would be very nice. Maybe, I'll cancel the project if no one wants to help.
    Contact me:
    I need members
    - Know how to create a PPF file
    - Programmer (Have knowledge about hex editing)
    - Willing to translate
    - Translator

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    This game already have full offical localisation on PC. It's cost insane and it's have very low FPS on weak-average PC, but as i understand approach of this site, it's not likely to be translated.