Touch Detective: Penelope's Theme Lyrics

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    I've recently been having lots of fun writing lyrics to Video game music. This is by far my favourite one I've done. Touch Detective has a following here, so more people would know the song than the other forums I go to. Here they are. And by the way, I say "Our" as one syllable in this, and "actually" as four syllables since it really does have four. People just shorten it to three. Also, Mackenzie says "girl" as one syllable, where as Cromwell says "girls" as two syllables. It's not perfect grammar wise. You can see Progress on the visuals I'm making to the song here Penelope Visuals

    Sung to Penelope’s Theme

    Penelope: Hello, my name is Penelope and I would,
    Like to tell you about me,
    Penelope: I have really great friends named Daisy and Chloe,
    Mackenzie: And of course me, Mackenzie,

    Penelope: Chloe always says I’m air headed and I think that’s quite mean,
    I write my name, on my Bananas,
    Chloe: Now you can see what I mean,

    Penelope: Only I can see the snow fairy because I,
    Am the one most pure hearted,

    Mackenzie: I cannot believe how many ridiculous,
    Cases that she has started,

    Penelope: I get into so much trouble, how I do it is unknown,
    Mackenzie: Actually, the answer’s clear,
    Chloe: It’s cause you’re so accident prone!,

    Penelope: My dreams were stolen and they were put inside of,
    A really delicious cake,

    Chloe: Would you knock it off with all your crazy nonsense,
    You’re giving me a headache,

    Mackenzie: She may not be the brightest girl, but she is still our best friend,
    Chloe: Yeah I guess that she is okay,
    Penelope: We’re best pals till the very end!,

    Cromwell: It brings a joyful tear to my eye to see you,
    Girls get along so well,

    Mackenzie: I didn’t think that you were going to take part,
    In singing this song Cromwell,

    Mackenzie, Chloe, Penelope: We now bring our song to a close about dear Penelope,
    Don’t worry, you’ll see her again,
    When they make Touch Detective Three!

    Mackenzie, Chloe, Penelope: We hope that you enjoyed our little song about,
    Our best friend Penelope.
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    Hooray! [​IMG]

    I'm proud of these lyrics. Someone on deviantart even favourited them!