ToS Abyssion Battle

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    So, I haven't played Tales of Symphonia for a long while, but after viewing a thread about how a certain boss in Tales of Innocence beats the crap out of the gamer, it made me remember this boss battle. If you don't know who Abyssion is or what Tales of Symphonia is, then here is a quick rundown.
    -Tales of Symphonia
    A 2-disc awesome rpg for gamecube. If you don't know this title, give it a probably won't regret it.

    A sidequest boss that you can battle in Tales of Symphonia. Allegedly one of the more beastly bosses in the game (the final boss is a wuss, its the sidequest ones that rock).

    Anyways, remembering back to my noob abilities against this boss, we had three characters being controlled (my brother, my friend, and of course myself) and we got owned multiple times. After that, we decided to give up and just let all of our characters be controlled by AI and take Abyssion on (note: the difficulty setting was probably normal). Apparently, we failed to be better than our AI counterparts, as they were able to win (we forced a couple skills and items here and there, but for the most part, they were on their own)...Of course, at this point all three of us were laughing and feeling great because the boss was beaten rather than feel sorry for our lame skills.

    I don't really have anything else to say...I'll be trying Tales of Symphonia 2 maybe (I'll be getting it soon xD).
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    Haha yeah ToS is pretty awesome, but I never had the time to beat it. ToS2 is awesome also(I actually passed this one). ToS is a lot harder than ToS2 I'll tell you that much.