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    Sep 13, 2009
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    Anyone remember that blog I made months ago about naming my cat and I ended up naming him Toph? Well I can't drag it up since the blogs are gone, but I felt it was time to make a quick update on how he is doing.
    He is a hell of a lot better. When I got him, he was just skin and bones and he couldn't hear. I believe his ears were damaged from living under the road in a storm drain. But now he is a lot healthier and seems to be hearing just fine.
    Here are some pictures of him I took this morning!
    72933_444567008946148_1427439031_n.jpg 385442_444567012279481_1569512190_n.jpg 539842_444567075612808_1017353189_n.jpg 560257_444567098946139_1090067870_n.jpg
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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Such a cute kitty <3<3
    Reminds me of me getting me own cat, Lady.

    She also was shedding badly and skin and bones.
    Now she's such a cute lovely lazy cat <3