ToP sprite change Project help

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    has anyone done any sprite changing in GBA roms and can direct me to a site that can help. i want to change the battle sprites in ToP to the ones that they use in tales of the world, but have no idea how to start.

    *i just realised that this is goona look hella funny with some sprites i can't change.... oh well i have time, i might have to look in to making some of the sprites as well.
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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Well you can use Goomba.gba or Pocket.nes to change the SPRITE
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    ^Thread necromancy much?

    If you wish to effect a sprite change the best way to do it is to hack the rom (you can get emulators that have a sprite change feature but I do not suggest this route).

    Find yourself a tile viewer/editor, my suggestion is
    The scan the rom for your sprites (it will likely be multiple pictures for each "frame" (use GBA4bpp, 8bpp and bitmap.
    Should you have a compressed pictures you will have to trace the compression routine (most compression merely uses the bios routines) with VBA-SDL or VBA-h or some other debuggin build.