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    on wikipedia it said that the wii can have quality of "480p (PAL/NTSC), 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL/SECAM), standard 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen"
    so, which is the best quality (i would guess 576 cus its higher... but idk) and how do i achieve it? (and which is the best FREE quality also?)
    also, will this qualtiy work on a 1990 tv, or will it only work on an hdtv? (i have both, bt normaly use the 90)

    thanks in advance, quality nub here! [​IMG]
    note: i use the cords that came with the wii, if that matters. oh yeah, and what quality am i getting now?
    oh yeah, and is 4:3 better, or 16:9 better? and how do i change that?

    a lottle off topic: oh yeah, and what is the best quality on an xbox and ps2? (
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    In theory 480p is better, but it always somewhat depends on the LCD...
    For the 480p function you will have to buy a Wii-Component cable. Component is somewhat new, so I dont expect your 90's tv supports it ... even newer TVs dont have this option. Its 5 cables, R+G+B+Left Audio+Right Audio.

    480p(rogressive): It outputs (full) 480 lines per frame
    576i(nterlaced): It only outputs (276/2 =) 288 lines per frame - every even frame the even lines (0,2,4...) and every odd frame the odd lines (1,3,5...) are output. So there ARE more lines, and in slow/static scenes it might look better, but movement might not be as sharp as progressive.

    Just google "interlaced vs progressive"...
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    If you're on a CRT (fat) TV then you can't use the component cables to get 480p. If you use the HDTV though, 480p will look noticably better.
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    Agree with everything leinad said above... Also, the settings to change 16:9 and 4:3 are in the wii menu settings as are the settings for 480p. Only your newer tv will support these and unless you get the component cable, none of this really matters... it'll look the same on either tv.

    Some newer CRT tv's support Component... mine does. Component video is better than the standard composite (the yellow RCA connector and output of the standard wii cable) no matter what TV you use. You can google Component vs. Composite video...
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    how do i achieve 576i? (im asking if it costs money basically, cus im not buying an expensive cable [​IMG])

    oh and my tv has 2 R+G+B+Left Audio+Right Audio spots (10 total) and its 2005... r u sure all tvs dont have these?
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    576i is the standard PAL picture (ie./ what you see when watching a tv prog. in the UK, on an older set (your 1990 tv set).

    480i is the same but for USA instead of UK.

    480p is the best by far, but you'll need component cables (as already posted). I doubt your older TV will support this, but your newer one might. Check if it as a blue & green input connector amongst any others it as.

    16:9is widescreen and 4:3 is standard (non-widescreen).

    Simply put, if your new TV as the blue & green connectors, get a component wire and use that. If it doesnt support component, it really is down to personal preference, as some TVs show 480i better & some are nicer when displaying in 576i. Try both with the same game and see which you prefer.