Top 20 DS Homebrew Results and Interviews

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    Top 20 DS Homebrew Results and Interviews
    Popular DS Homebrew Revealed
    After 2 months and hundreds of votes, the results of the NDS R4 Homebrew poll are in. Not only that but there are interviews the developers of all the titles in the chart.

    Contributed by davidtube
  2. DrOctapu

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    As much as I love that they're having a new contest, I hate that they praise the R4 when so many cheaper, better cards are out, like the AK2 and AK2i.

    Oh, and colors is supposed to get a new ds release this month.
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    Wow, that Colors homebrew looks amazing.
    But I visited their website and they recommended people to buy the R4 as a flash cart.

    It's really been a while, since the previous best homebrew games (Still Alive and VGH) have been usurped. I have to try out Warhawk and a few other games. I really don't see how Warcraft TD made it so far, it looks really clustered and the graphics are bleh.
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    Uh, it's a site whose main purpose is to shill out the R4. Probably made by, or at least heavily sponsored by, the R4 team. Obviously they're going to hock it wherever possible, and stuff like this "homebrew contest" is just to get visitors to the site.
  5. Torrunt

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    That doesn't mean you need one to run it, they're just promoting it. You can run it on any flashcart.
  6. DanTheManMS

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    Colors! was last updated at a point in time in which the R4 was still a prominent flash cart on the market. The website simply wasn't updated to reflect recent changes, that's all.