Top 10 Best Graphics on a Nintendo DS game

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  1. Shocksuspect

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I made a video explaining what I believe to be the top 10 best looking games for the DS. You can watch it below:

    Don't worry, its not some crappy windows movie maker slideshow or some really bad cam footage of the DS, the video is well put together. If you want, you can also follow this link:

    And for my YouTube channel, where I review DS games and do other top 10's, click here:

    Let me know what you think of the list; respect it as my opinion though.

  2. Beats

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    Apr 20, 2010
    I think for No. 1, the '3D Pokémon game that never existed' is Pokémon Black and White [​IMG]
  3. Raika

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    Sep 15, 2008
    Nice review. [​IMG]
    Now I've GOTTA get Dragon Quest Monster: Joker and Viewtiful Joe!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Rydian

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    Feb 4, 2010
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    I like your accent.

    A 1:19 intro before the list is a bit too long for me, but I rather enjoyed the list.
  5. shlong

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    Jun 18, 2009
    Charlotte's maze
    nice top 10
  6. Njrg

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    Dec 24, 2008
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    I'm not sure I agree with Joker being #1, but its definately top 3 even though I hated it. It has wonderful textures but some effects are kind of lacking.
    And you might change your mind once GoldenSun and DragonQuest9 hit the states.
    But I definitely think Sonic shouldn't be in there. Sonic Rush Adventure is nice looking and fun to play but what little 3D it has is very modest and its not really a "top 10 pretty" kind of game to me. Also Sega Racing isn't deserving a top 10 even if it has a better framerate than its counterparts.

    And I never played COP more than 5 minutes, but I don't remember it ever "wow"ing me. Since I only agree with 7/10th of the list, I give your review a 7 out of 10.

    My pick for #1... Mario Hoops 3 on 3. Gameplay is meh but I think Square Enix did a superb job pushing it.
  7. pichon64

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    Nov 21, 2009
    Excellent video and top 10 list. Agree with all.
  8. DCG

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    Jan 1, 2010
    those games indeed look good.
  9. ericling

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    Feb 15, 2009
    One of the best video review I can say.

    Good job. Hope there's more review you can make there. accent! is clear and cool [​IMG]
  10. haflore

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    Dec 4, 2009
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    Great list! [​IMG]
    I hope to see more of your videos in the future!!

    The only thing is I think Dementium or Moon should have at least gotten an honorable mention.
  11. BORTZ

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    Dec 2, 2007
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    Dragon Quest Joker is a good game. The graphics are really really good and i dont understand why there arent more toon shaded DS games like this one.

    As for the gameplay, its good but there is a ton of monster axing that happened between the Dragon Warrior titles and the Dragon Quest title. unfortunate but still lots of fun on the ds.
  12. GeekyGuy

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    Jun 21, 2007
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    I actually agree with your number 1, and I think Nintendo could learn a lot from the game when it comes to animating Pokemon battles on DS.

    But where the f*** is Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword?! Are you shittin' me? [​IMG]
  13. clegion

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    May 5, 2009
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    okay getting viewtiful joe
  14. omgpwn666

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    I was surprised that Dementium wasn't in the list, but great list anyways. I think I agree with the list. Nice video. [​IMG]
  15. gamerjr

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    Jan 7, 2008
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    How the hell does Metroid Prime: Hunters not make the list?
  16. felixsrg

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    Aug 20, 2008
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    I agree with Dragon Quest beign the 1, but I think Lost in Blue 3 should be in the list.
  17. granville

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    Pretty good list, although i don't necessarily agree with Sonic Rush Adventure. I wasn't a fan of either the 2D or 3D parts. COP does indeed look amazing though, bad game or not. It's a game that has to be played on a real DS to see the full scope of it all. Perfect framerate, a huge city, and tons of 3D character models onscreen at once. The city is full of life.

    Games i'd include in a technical beauty contest (in addition to your own)-

    - Wizard of Oz Beyond the Yellow Brick Road
    - Crash of the Titans
    - Star Wars Clone Wars Jedi Alliance
    - Avalon Code
    - Dragon Quest 4/5/6 (same engine, gets a little better looking with each new game)
    - Phantasy Star 0
    - Mario 64 DS
    - Meet the Robinsons
    - Tak Great Juju Challenge
    - Spectrobes 2
    - Mario Hoops
    - Mario Kart DS
    - Dementium
    - Metroid Prime Hunters
    - Moon
    - Bionicle Heroes
    - Dragonball Origins

    And in terms of 2D, i'd give some special credit to Kirby Canvas Curse and Super Star Ultra. All the Castlevania games look amazing of course. The World Ends With You has a unique art style and the 2D sprites work really pushes the DS. And although they're made of primitive 16bit art, the graphics of both Chrono Trigger DS and even the "new retro" game Black Sigil looks lovely.

    You can bet some more gorgeous games in the future. Golden Sun DS, Ninokuni, and Dragon Quest 9. And now, Tales of Hearts and Innocence are being fan translated, so give those a spot too. DS is quite underrated in terms of visuals. It's amazing what can be achieved with the limits really.
  18. DeMoN

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    May 12, 2004
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    If homebrew counts, you should look into a game called "Sonic" (no not Sega's Sonic).
    Its graphics are ridiculously good.
  19. ZenZero

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    Mar 12, 2008
    great video, although i agree with njrg, mario slam basketball should definately be on the list.
  20. suruz

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    Oct 1, 2007

    Also lol at your accent xD