Too lazy to hack need motivation HALP!!!

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    Bla bla my first modded console was a psp in 2006. After that i caught the console modding bug. I bought network adapters and hdds for my phatty ps2s and did the ps1 independence exploit with a codebreaker with usb save imports. I started buying 2 consoles at every launch like 2 60gb ps3s launch day and kept one NIB UNTIL 3.15 free teensy psjailbreak was released. Bought a 3dsxl the day cubic nijax was released. Bought a second ps4 when 1.76 was said to be explloitable but not public yet. Rooted my android devices, bootlegged my win7 and dabbed in pc piracy gaming but just cant be a pc gamer console games 4 lyfe. Was gonna try to softmod a original xbox with 007 agent under fire.

    So after i had a 2 tb usb my passport fall and lost 10 years of backups from everything aXXo movies to 100,000s of retro roms psp csos 100s of ps3 dumps ect i lost the passion. Now i have a 1.75 fw ps4 no linux, a 8.1 fw 3dsxl no nijax installed just stock, a 3.51 oled psvita1000 a spare ylod 60gb ps3 non rooted galixy tab a2016 7 inch, a non rooted lg g stylo, and a windows 8.1 labtop with a LEGIT PRODUCT KEY!?!?!? Guys show me the light. I need help. What the hell am i gonna do with freaky forms delux or cubic ninja now (both cost less than 10 when i bough them) anyone root a galaxy tab a 7" anyone know of a legit ps3 reball service on the west coast of the usa? A reason to linux my 1.75 ps4? A guide to hekaku my psvita? Halp!
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    Here's some motivation:
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    my dad works for nintendo.
    the more faster you do it, the less you have to worry and keep your brain working with the "should i do it" or "i wanted to do it"

    so yeah, procrastinating is being "stupidily lazy" you will do it some time, be a real lazy person and just do it, so you don't have your brain working thinking about it
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    Mar 23, 2016
    What's the point of hacking then putting them back in the shelf afterwards if you don't even want to play in the first place?
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    Jan 17, 2017
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    @th3joker henkaku is easy enough to set up, you'll need to update to 3.60 first though. You can also set up a9lh & run a CFW on your 3DS by following this guide -
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    Actually i have been playing gba emulators on my tablet and my phatty ps2 im stuck on metroid fusion and pokemon liquid crystal. I never had a snes or sega gen or dreamcast or gamecube so im looking to emulate those and play a handfull of the top rated games per system. I know i played snes and daedalus more than anything on my psp and psvita. Does ps4 linux handle a dolphin emulator well or any better than a x86 2014 lab top with a quad core and amd gfx card. Im a pc noob. I have been holding out on rehaxing my o3dsxl since the scene seems to reinvent itself every 6 months with a new exploit or easier or safer method. Im just kinda bummed i returned a new3dsxl becuase i thought the c stick nub was stupid and a second joysick add on thing on the o3ds would be better with my large hands. I need to update my psp go too. I have component cables and the charge n video out dock. I really get frustrated when i go to root my tablet every guide i follow has dead links midway and i just go awfuckit.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    The first step would be learning how to hack, since you haven't ever done it in your life.
    You simply modded some devices using hacks and exploits other people made and found for you.

    There's nothing impressive or interesting about it, so MOD whatever you feel like if you want to play the games on it. If you have no motivation to mod something then you clearly aren't interested enough in the devices games. Simple. Nothing anyone can do to motivate you.
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    Linux 4.14.13-2-zen
    Honestly, if you're willing to hack a 3DS (the scene has gone to complete shit in less then two years) I'd say your technological efforts have some respect and that you should instead actually do something meaningful and long-term with them like installing a Linux distro.
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    Not worth it. Go back to sleep. Wake up before the end of the world. Then die together with everybody else.
    If you are gonna be lazy, own it.
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    Dec 30, 2015
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    Ouch burn that stings...

    U Listen here sonny boy... (grabs a cane and wags in the air angerly)...

    Yes im 95% end user scene leacher....BUT there has been a 5% experimenter who will use tool, methods, exploits, and leaks sutch as debug fw, sdks, dev tools ect. In a manner undocumented purly on a hunch and intuition.

    Back in psp days pre custom firmware i was a og 1.5 ofw kxploit _SCE_ and %_SCE_ folders user. I had a second psp to play higher fw games but wished to exploit that one too. I got lucky with a fanjita gta lcs save data exploit that i used to blindly test a 2.0-2.6 fw to 1.5 downgrader homebrew. Then came the psp firmware emulator. Aka devhook. Being able to run psp firmware safely off memstick with 0% brick chance i expeirmented with hex editing the emulated firmware files. B4 we could dump and decrypt pspupdat.pbp files what i did was re update the spare psp to 2.6, used a file manager to copypasta the nand flash0 and flash1 aka manually dump 2.6 firmware and then emulated it on the 1.5fw psp. I found a way to play higher fw games on the 1.5 psp... Didnt publicize it as i didnt want it somehow patched. Then went on to play with making hybrid 1.5 and 2.6 fw or as i called in in 2006 frankenfirmware. I had to hex exit alot of files... Changing file paths from fs0:/ to ms0:/...... All this with no guides and limited internet access all on a 2000 gateway pc 256k ram so i took my time and was very paitent. I did other things like suggested to dark alex to make his custom firmware to use the wifi update to redirect to his custom firmware and prompt when he has updates. Im quite proud of that even tho its something stupid to most. I lead a team of people finding and making cheats for peace waker, i would play psp 1001 on tv via a usbhoastfs addon and a pc b4 psp 2000 came out.

    Ps3 i in the 1.80 firmware days had the 1.81 debug fw update pup and using a method I YES ME SOME DIPSHIT NOOB came up with was able to bypass the ps3s firmware intregrety checks, 3 at the time, and install debug firmware on a 20 gb launch ps3. I shared the brick risky method with a few people on ps3dev irc chat. It involves hot swapping hdds with 1.81 ofw and 1.81 debug fw, and using ps3proxy. As we now know its the qa token that has to be changed to actually allow the debug firmware options to work. I found a exploit in a ps3 game that allowed me to use a ooooold ps3 hotswap exploit to install full ps3 games that i compressed and ripped via ubuntu ps3 linux to the ps3 hdd as a game data file and then used a accidental game data patch that launched games from the ps3 game data folder of the xmb. I think it was motorstorm? Anyway i was basically always looking for exploits dumping and hex editing ps3 saves. Using 2 ps3s as mayrters in the name of the scene. 4th jok3r is not my og psp ps3 scene name...

    What ive learned is fuck wasting time trying to be a guy looking and prodding in the unknown for console hacking. Let the egar lil script kiddys do it and get in their little highschool drama wars over pointless bragging rights and code theft. Ane now i wait till way later in a consoles life before i start to tinker on it. A month after i flashed my old x360 haitachi drive jtag came out. Im updating my 120gb slim ps3's hdd/cfw/usb hdd as we speak. After that ill update the ps2 with a newer freehd boot then ill get to the psp go,3ds, then i may linux the backup ps4. Tablet and phone can wait for rooting until i find a absolute must have root access app i need in my life.... So suck on that
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    tu puta madre ;v
    think about it : bragging rights over all the non-modders.