tomodachi life Voice synthesizer Mod?

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    ok so i know im kinda asking the impossible but thats my job lol.

    im wondering about the voice system in tomodachi life for 3ds. its using a synthesizer that much i know, but i was wondering if it was possible to swap or edit the synthesizer file and switch the voices? like how windows voice synthesizer you can switch the settings. the windows voice synthesizer is very cleat and theres even more clearer ones on the web. just a thought...
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    I wish someone could do this too...

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    Would be quite the undertaking.
    I assume it would be a swap of a ton of sound files for each single possible English syllable. :/

    That aside, this game doesn't really need a retranslation since all minigames survived, and even the ones drastically changed had both the Americanized and literally-translated variants in the PAL version. US Football game plays exactly like JP Sumo one, just the graphics were changed. What disappeared was mainly child/adult transformations being temporary (out of concerns that this may cause the game to be labeled as pedophilia-friendly), and lots of really obscure Japanese food that really can't be translated in a satisfying manner.
    Some stuff has been completely removed (Enka, couples having baths together naked, someone hanging himself...), those may be still interesting to restore in PAL versions. Still not worth redoing a translation since NoE did a fantastic job there.

    This hasn't been said enough, but contrary to mainstream media lies, no same-sex romance features exist in any way in the Japanese version - aside from a surefire-save-corrupting Mii import bug involving the JP-only prequel on DS that randomly load various events with one event happening to be a wedding