Tomodachi Life Save Corrupted. Any way to fix?

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    I got myself Tomodachi Life for the 3DS the other day. I bought it used, but the seller told me the game was only used as a in-store demo unit and is 100% ok. I got the cartridge, the box, all the stuff.

    But to the point.

    When I try to play the game, the first thing I see on the screen is a notification, that the save file is corrupted and will be deleted. This happened the first time I played the game and it's happening every single time I try to save after making a new file. The game doesn't give any error while saving.

    What I tried so far, nothing helped:
    I played the game on a 3DS, 3DS XL and n3DS, The problem shows on every console.
    I formated my systems SD card clean. Tried with 2 SD cards.
    Remove the saved data completely with A+B+X+Y and start a new save.
    I downloaded the patch for this game from e-shop.
    Checked if the cartridge was fake or faulty - everything looks ok and legit.
    Import the save from the demo version. It imports the save, I can play the game, I can save the game, but after I turn it off and on again, the save is still corrupted...

    Any suggestions what to try? Is it even possible to fix a error like this on a cartridge?
    EDIT: Oh, I forgot... It's PAL version and no, I didn't attempt any hacking, save dongling or anything like that. My consoles are all newest soft, never modded nor hacked.
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    sounds like a Faulty SPI chip, if thats the case theres nothing you can do about that. if its possible you may want to get a refund.