Tomodachi Life Quirky Questions Help Needed

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    Hello all. So in Tomodachi life there's a game you can play with your islanders where you're given a list of 3 random questions in which you have a 16 character limit to fill in the blank for one of those questions to ask your islanders. This is where I'm looking for help. I'm asking you all if you can suggest some answers I could use for a specific question. Below are all of the questions for Quirky Questions...

    "Who can't live without ___?"

    "Who wants a life full of ___?"

    "Whose greatest weakness is ___?"

    "Who is devoted to ___?"

    "Whose favorite hobby is__?"

    "Who's bad at__?"

    "Who has no interest in ___?"

    "Who likes ___in the morning?"

    "Who loves__?"

    "Who has tried ___?"

    "Who is afraid of ___?"

    "Who would rather be___?"

    "Who often gets mistaken for ___?"

    "Who hides ___ in their apt.?"

    "Who likes___every night?"

    "Who can't stand ___?"

    "Who can't sleep without ___?"

    "Who has a giant collection of ___?"

    "Who needs ___ to be happy?"

    "Who thinks they're better than ____?"

    "Whose mother resembles ___?"

    "Who's good at ___?"

    "Who can't stop thinking about ___?"

    Feel free to suggest here no matter how clean/dirty, good/bad, or anything in between. I want to here what funny and amazing things you all can come up. Let's have some fun with this!
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    Rumor has it the game is rigged to have a low hands up count if you ask who likes Microsoft or Sony...!