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May 31, 2015
I run a 24/7 livestream called TwitchPlaysTomodachi, where Twitch Plays Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS.

I run this stream off of my own o3DS with Luma3DS's built-in InputRedirection and a script on my PC that sends it inputs from twitch chat. There are many reasons why I run the stream from my 3DS and not an emulator, but there are unfortunately many consequences for doing so. There are two things that are huge worries for me:

The Dock - If a viewer goes to the Dock, they are given the option to enable StreetPass. Doing so while InputRedirection is running will either cause InputRedirection to stop working or will cause the entire game to freeze/hang.

Settings - If a viewer goes to the settings they can enable Streetpass or Spotpass which will cause the same issues from the previous point

3DS Image Share - While the others are harmless, this is the one I desperately need a solution to. If a viewer goes to 3DS Image Share, they will be brought to the 3DS Internet Browser from which they can access my 3DS's home screen. This is a massive concern for me as I can't always have someone monitoring the stream.

I would love to somehow make a patch for the game that disables/removes these 3 things entirely. If you are a skilled modder and know how to go about doing something like this, please reach out to me because I'd love to work with you.

If there are any other ways I could solve these issues with luma3ds or any homebrew software please let me know :)
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