Tomodachi Life EUR not working on USA 3DS with A9LH + Luma3DS

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    i recently installed A9LH + Luma3DS On my 3ds, before that i was a GW user and on emunand the game played perfectly but now that i changed to A9LH and Luma3DS the game doesnt work anymore, i installed it both from Freeshop and FBI but nothing, i start the game, black screen, and then "an error has ocurred and the console must restart"
    this doesnt happen with the USA version but i want the EUR version because its the only multilanguage version, the USA is english only.
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    First, enable region/language emulation in Luma settings (Press Select when booting the console). Then:
    Luma instructions
    In this case you'd need Tomodachi Life's title id, which is 000400000008C400, as the name of your .txt
    Then, inside the .txt, it should be "EUR [Language code]". For example EUR ES.
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    I made an account here just to thank you. It worked. Thanks!
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    @Mirkobien I made the whole process and it still doesn't work

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found this other option and I can finally play Tomodachi Life

    Locale Emulation: While Luma3DS allows games from all regions to be played via region-free patches, some games will freeze or crash if outside their expected region/locale. To fix this, Luma3DS allows emulating your locale.
    • To use this feature, create a locale.txt inside /luma/titles/TID/ file. Edit this text file to include the region (JPN, USA, EUR, AUS, CHN, KOR, TWN) and language (JP, EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, ZH, KO, NL, PT, RU, TW) separated by space. For example, to play Pokémon Y in the Japanese language and region, I would place a locale.txt in /luma/titles/0004000000055E00 containing the contents JPN JP
    • Note: This level of locale emulation is not sufficient for some games; to fix this, improved locale emulation was introduced in Luma3DS v8.0, allowing you to specify a country and state ID (2-digit hex integer), i.e. a European locale.txt played in French would have the contents EUR FR FR 01. This extended locale emulation is not necessary in most cases.
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