Tomb Raider: Official GBAtemp Review

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    The Official GBAtemp Review

    Reboots, it's safe to say that a reboot of a franchise can leave fans of the series to be feeling quite wary, especially in today's gaming world where the game often loses touch of what the core elements of the series have and we end up with something that feels completely different to what we loved in the first place. Some reboots are successful such as SSX or Rayman Origins, some are mixed like DmC (I hated that piece of crap and I've not even played the first four games) and others are just downright awful and shouldn't exist like Bomberman: Act Zero & Sonic 2006. Tomb Raider is up there with the very best and is a perfect example at portraying a game as a blockbuster while at the same time keeping with the "Tomb Raiding".

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