Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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    Dec 15, 2006
    Well I decided to make this topic because of jimmy j and his what games are you playing topic because I wanted to talk about Tomb Raider: Anniversary. I really liked the game despite its many many bugs. Yahtzee and his highly sought zero punctuation blog reviewed it here
    and despite all his harsh words they are mainly true. Like the bad enemy AI being able to jump on the nearest stone and shoot the defeneness man eating gorilla for death ect ect. The bad camera angles and other stuff but the main problem I sad with the game was the required adrenaline dodge function which I hated because of its refusal to work well on the pc version.

    I am not a very good gamer despite my love of games but I thought this game was very easy even for me the puzzles seemed to follow the same structure of ahh hidden cranny to grip onto and get high to get to secret lever ect.

    I wanted to know also if the is any difference between the 360 version and pc like to removal of the jump on a slanted wall and slowly get higher bug or the sliding gun holster bug (hilarious).


    What did everyone think?
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    Funny review. Done for laughs but he purposefully rips on the game to get them. Can't be taken seriously. Better review at

    I agree the enemy AI is dumb, and it is usually possible to pick them off from atop a ledge, but you don't have to do that. Stay on their level and fight like a man (woman?) instead of exploiting the AI's weakness and the action can be quite fun.
    Tomb Raider was never about fighting - that's not what made it popular - what made it great was the mix of exploration, puzzles and beautiful hidden tombs and cities. The main reason for the poor sequels IMO was that the developers spent too much time trying to improve the fighting mechanics and they neglected the exploration and puzzle elements. Anniversary gets these, the most important things, right.
    Puzzles, as you said, follow a structure throughout the game, but that's Tomb Raider for you. They were like this in the original Tomb Raider and I'm honestly enjoying it. I also don't think they're too easy. I wouldn't say they are hard, but I have had a couple of "headscratch moments" (maybe I'm just uncleverer than you, spas? [​IMG]).

    Anyways, I like it. Anyone who remembers and enjoyed Tomb Raider when it was first released should check out Anniversary for sure.

    btw I haven't noticed any of those bugs in the 360 version and I'm halfway through the game. The dodge works well too.