Tomb Raider Anniversary NTSC

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    Oct 29, 2007
    I got my copy of TR Anniversary (US version) some time ago and quickly ran it on my Pal Wii and it worked, loaded and I played a bit of the first level. I then put it to one side as I had other games to play first. Since then though I've upgraded to 4.0E and added all the needed ios and cios files (13a), USB loader etc. Now when I try to play the game I get either a green or black screen. I've tried every combination of options I can think of using USB loader GX, Gamma Loader, Geckos and the disc channel but nothing works. Do I need to re-install something? Could some kind PAL Wii owner tell me the options they use to get this game to load? [​IMG] All other games I have including Indiana Jones work fine from disc or usb loader.