Tokyo Mirage Sessions - playing sound off of gamepad?

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    Jul 10, 2016
    So after applying the Reincarnation patch and starting up the game for the first, I then came to the realization that the sound of the game plays off the T.V. instead of the game-pad. I read that off-play TV wasn't implemented (which was a bummer as well) and made sure my sound wasn't working as I tested with Bayonetta 2, which had sound play off the game-pad.

    This might be easier said than done, but is there a way to get the game sound (separate from the game-pad) to play through the Wii U Game-pad? It's just that I don't own a TV with HDMI input to get the sound from as I only have a computer monitor that I use for my PC to display Wii U games.

    Thanks for reading :D