Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE restoration

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    May 17, 2017
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    hello, i've got a quick question:

    (using the most recent TMS patcher 1.8).

    so in my TMS dump folder, in the content folder, i only have:


    and when i tried to patch, it tells me i'm missing:
    pack 030 etc.cpk
    pack 031 message.cpk
    pack 050 movie.cpk
    pack 999 etc om.cpk
    pack 999 lua.cpk

    then finally this message pops up:
    "you lack some files, continue anyway?"

    do i have to Re-dump the whole game again (which i'm gonna do just in case)?

    EDIT: i saw the problem, during the re-dumping process, i *now* saw the other parts that i 'thought' was missing.
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    Feb 12, 2017
    Nvm, this was a reply to and old post.
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    I have a bit of a question, since the mini-tutorial wasn't clear on this point; do the same steps apply for digital games? I bought TMS from the eShop. (Took practically all day to download it...)
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    Mar 6, 2017
    Can some remake that patch to use with something more modern like Wup Installer? I followed this guide on YouTube, but it doesn't work:

    Hell, even the guy making the YouTube video gave up and downloaded the patched game online, making his entire video pointless. I really don't feel like paying Mega Limited to download this when I already paid for my legit copy and dumped it myself.
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    Aug 28, 2017
    Hey there.
    Is there any other way to dump the game? DDD isn't working for me. It never dumps the entire game and just stops working after awhile.
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    My main reason for getting a Wii U will for this be this game and XBX. (yeah i now there are other good wii u games but this one i really want)
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    Try a different SD card. Yours might not be able to keep up with the dumping speed.
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    Jul 6, 2016
    Check that your SD card is at least 16 GB (this game takes a little more than 12).

    You can also use disc2app, and then decrypt the files on your PC. I could link to the relevant tutorials if you don't know how to do that.

    It's even possible to use the restoration patch, then encrypt the files again and install them with WUP Installer to be able to launch the modified game directly from the Wii U menu!
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    Sep 10, 2017
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    Hi quick question. I'm trying to use the patch with Homebrew Laucher 1.4 and loadiine.

    I've dumped and patched my copy of the game successfully using the provided guides, and verified that the md5 of my patched files match the md5 checksums provided in the patcher. The game is 12.5 gb on my SD card so I assume the whole thing got dumped.

    When I select the games icon in loadiine, however, it briefly shows a message "loading fileset.rpx" or something, and then goes straight to a black screen and my Wii U locks up. I'm using the default loading setting and the unique setting for saves. I'm using Homebrew Launcher 1.4, loadinie-gx2, and I'm on 5.5.1 firmware with no CFW.

    Anyone know what might cause this problem? My best guess is that it's my SD card since everything else seems to be okay.
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    Aug 30, 2017
    Mmm, Sdcafiine not work for this? No it's more simple?
  11. Floflo81

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    Jul 6, 2016
    It's weird because instead of "loading fileset.rpx", it should say "loading Stainless.rpx" (that's the name of the executable for this game)
    So I guess some files must be missing from your SD card...

    If I remember correctly, SD Cafiine is not usable for this game because it's too big.
    You can either use Loadiine to load the modified game from the SD card, or encrypt the game's files with NUS packer and then install them on the console or external drive with WUP Installer
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    The guide definitely works, I've done it twice now. The part that trips everyone up is where you have to provide the keys. The keys in the video are just dummy placeholders, not the actual keys you need to use.
    The pre-patched mega download is for viewers who can't follow the steps, as the steps are highly technically sophisticated.
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    Oct 10, 2017
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    I may be a total idiot for asking this, but I have followed this guide all the way. But when I want to put the patched game back on the SD card it won't let me because 'pack_50_movie.cpk' is too big to fit on the SD card which needs to be formatted to FAT32 and the file is over 4 Gigs. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? And is it true that if I try to play a European game on my US console it will brick?
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    Jul 6, 2016
    I'm sure it should fit on a FAT32 SD card since I managed to do it last year. The files should all be below 4 GB (4194304 KB).

    If they ARE below 4194304 KB but it still doesn't work, your card is probably not formatted correctly.
    If they are NOT below 4194304 KB, you did something wrong with the disc ripping or the patch :P
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    Dec 2, 2017
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    For those who used the link found in this video, the uploader of those files did not provide a checksum file to check the integrity of the uploaded files. For some reason, when downloading from, there are many times the files are corrupted even though showed that it downloaded successfully (happens especially if you decided to use the sync/download client to speed up the download process). After spending many many hours failing extractions and re-downloading various rar file parts until I'm able to successfully extract the files without failing, I have personally made the checksum file and included it here in the post. This will quickly allow someone to know exactly while files are corrupted and re-download it until it passes the integrity check. I made it using RapidCRC Unicode.

    Rename file's extension to md5 before checking with RapidCRC Unicode.

    In addition, you don't need to pay Make an account, import the uploaded files into your account (done through the web interface), and then use their Windows sync/download client to sync the content of that folder onto some place on your computer. Once you reach a limit, it will tell you that you have to pay to continue downloading pass that limit or wait until the specified time (usually 3 hours). You can just leave it and once that time pass, the client will automatically continue to download where it left off.

    Hopefully this makes the process a bit easier for those who had troubles dumping their disk or had trouble with the complexity of the steps to restore the game's original content.

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    Apr 9, 2015
    just a PSA, unstable overclocks can also corrupt downloaded files. Rare, but it happens.
  17. Shmario

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    Jan 14, 2016
    its loadiine the only way to run this patch?
  18. Floflo81

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    Jul 6, 2016
    Sorry this reply is late.
    No you can also generate an installable WUP file. When installed, the patched game becomes accessible directly from the icons in the main Wii U menu. You just need to launch haxchi before the game (or any method to get patched CFW).
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    Feb 2, 2014
    Does it replace the original icon? Or will there be 2 TMS icons? That would be confusing.
  20. Nevermore

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    Jun 16, 2014
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    I was able to install this mod to the Wii U's HDD, and learned of a way to make it work so you can launch it without having to start CFW. I have a physical copy of SMT, which was useful to do so.

    Needed on the computer
    • Wii U USB Helper
    • Java
    • NUS Packer
    • A way to go through FTP (Windows Explorer works fine)
    Wii U Homebrew
    • WUP Installer
    • tik2sd
      • ticket file dumped from the disc. I believe you can use an official install too, but haven't tried it yet.
    • Mocha CFW
    • FTPiiu
    I'll edit in additional screenshots later on when I'm at home, if I have time before the Monster Hunter World beta.

    Info Sources:,-Translation-Patch)

    1. Download SMT #FE with Wii USB Helper, then right click it and choose "Unpack (Loadiine)"
      • You can set the Extraction Folder to your choice of location with the big button on the bottom beforehand
      • Don't worry about the update that's available, it has no content. It was just used for pre-downloads unlocking at launch.
      • Take note of where the original download is kept, don't delete it. We'll need the title.tmd from the code folder later.
    2. Download and run the patcher, selecting the newly created game folder where the unpacked game is.
      • Don't forget to remove the "original" folder that gets created, like how the patcher warns
    3. Download and install Java and NUS Packer, extract NUS Packer to it's own separate folder
    4. Make another folder called "TMS Repack" or something
    5. Go to where the NUS Packer JAR is, hold shift and Right click in the empty space to see the option to "Open command window here"
      • It's important you do it like this, so command prompt starts in the folder that has NUS Packer
    6. Follow the instructions in Step 5 in the first link I provided. When you put the file paths for the folder for the command, you're replacing inputDir (the modded game folder) and outputDir (where you want the repacked game to go), so keep the quotation marks.
      • Before: -in "inputDir" -out "outputDir"
      • After: -in "D:\TMS Unpack" -out "D:\TMS Repack" (just an example, yours will differ)
      • The easiest way to do this is to copy/paste the command to notepad first for editing, go to the folders and copy/paste the address paths for replacing inputDir and outputDir. Then once it's all set up, copy and paste it into the Command Prompt and hit enter
    7. When it's done packing, move the folder with the repacked files to your SD card, boot up Haxchi CFW (or Mocha CFW) and install the game with WUP Installer.
    8. Launch the game first with CFW on to see if it works fine. When the game was repacked, it was 12.6 GB total.
    9. Now we're following the second link's instructions, run tik2SD to dump the tickets on the console. You should also rerun it and dump the ticket from the disc itself.
      • Don't delete these ticket files
    10. Now look at the keys.txt file. Open it up in Notepad, click after it says "Found # unique tickets" and hit enter. Turn on Word Wrap and adjust the width until you see the content organize itself like this
      • TitleID TitleKey (File Path)
        • upload_2018-1-18_19-49-10.png
      • I like to copy/paste into Excel, and do Text to Columns to split them so I can filter neatly.
        • (example of Xenoblade X I did, it was wonky for some reason, repeated 5 times)
    11. Search for SMT FE's title ID (00050000101ed800), after that you'll see the fake key that NUSPacker made, then after that is the file path. Take note of the file path (folder/xxxxxxxx.tik), I'll show you where they are all at in Step 13.
      • Search for an exact match. If you have the update file, it has one character different, don't confuse them. So double check.
        • upload_2018-1-18_19-50-37.png
    12. Rename your title key dumped from the disc to match with the filename it lists in keys.txt. 8 characters long, followed by .tik (xxxxxxxx.tik).
      • for me, it was 0000001f.tik
      • I don't know for sure if a ticket dumped from the disc is the same across different consoles, but I do know it's supposed to be 848 bytes in size.
    13. Now boot up Mocha CFW, then FTPiiu.
    14. Access your Wii U via FTP with the IP address listed on the screen (I used Windows explorer). There's two places we're going to access and replace two specific files.
      • Ticket File Replace: /storage_slc/rights/ticket/apps/
        • Remember the file path listed in the keys.txt? It starts in the apps folder (very important you go to this one, avoid touching the sys folder, tik2sd doesn't back that one up).
        • Go to the correct folder (mine was /000a/) and find the file that the title ID corresponds to. Double check it matches.
          • upload_2018-1-18_20-9-50.png
        • With the ticket dumped from the disc and renamed, overwrite the one in the console.
      • title.tmd Replace: /storage_usb/usr/title/00050000/101ed800/code/
        • This is where TMS is installed. Now go get the title.tmd from the one downloaded by USB Helper, and overwrite the one on the console with it.
          • upload_2018-1-18_20-11-27.png
    15. Exit out and you're done! Do a hard reset of the console to clear out CFW, and try launching the game.
      • If you get an error on trying to launch, you most likely replaced the wrong ticket file, like I did when testing with Xenoblade X. Which is an easy matter of clearing out all the tickets in /system_slc/rights/ticket/apps/ and copying your backups back in
    These are the hashes for the ticket file, it seems to be the same no matter which console I dumped the disc from
    CRC32: B4FF2F0E
    MD5: D009DABDF1A69D309A16A16382EA9201
    SHA-1: 704433341B394588D262DFEE30F89B697154B601
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