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    May 27, 2016
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    A few minutes ago, i received a email from Nintenod. "TODAY IS MARCH 10, IS MARIO DAY" After that is was a huge picture of mario's face and advertising various mario games on 3DS. When i looked to find out why is today all of a sudden mario day declared by nintendo, i came across this.


    Weather or not is true on nintendo's side, the article is funny and silly so I figured someone may wanna say something about it. :P

    Is not really news, it just seem silly. I'm sure you remember 2013, Year of Luigi right? For whatever reason that was, this is just as funny. At least they made a year themed luigi based marketing, Sequel to luigi's mansion, Mario And Luigi Dream team, Super Luigi U DLC and both Super mario 3D world and NES Remix has Hidden luigi elements (Mario 3D world has hidden luigi silhouettes hidden through out the game and features a the original mario bros game that is been on NES (And just about every mario game on GBA) but replaces mario with luigi, so 2 player luigi & luigi mode only. NEX REMIX has a the original super mario bros game reprogrammed to again feature only luigi and the whole game is mirrored "Flipped" like in mario kart games)

    This is a statement saying today is mario day simply cause March 10th can be seen as MAR 10 "Mario" Almost similar to the upcoming March 14 is pie day which can be seen as 3/14 being a reference to PI in arithmetics (math) PI starts with 3.14 and PI sound exactly like you believe, the baked goods dessert treat. Again another example May 4th, in star wars a common quote is "May the force" Is sees May 4th as "May the fourth" (That is star wars day)

    On such poorly themed days During school, my math teacher would offer me pie which i don't eat a lot honestly don't really like. (It was basically one of the table top pie, is like a pot pie in a box but fruit based, not meat based) People will sell star wars stuff at discounts or promotions, and now is mario day, Happy mario day everyone, to another poor executed holiday. :ninja:
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    Apr 4, 2006
    But "Mar 10" should be pronounced "marten".

    This is a marten:


    Happy marten day.

    Makes more sense than "Mario" anyway.
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    Dec 23, 2009
    Wow...that...certainly IS a retarded reason. And indeed...Marten's day is even less stupid than that "look what our marketing department shoehorned into this date! :D " explanation.


    So, erm...who is going to propose to their loved one today? Nobody? Nobody? Aw, c'mon, guys/girls. You HAVE TO. It's March eleventh! That's Mar 11. Or Mar II... in other words: you have to marry someone! :tpi:

    ...I'll show myself out

    @Sonic Angel Knight : don't forget dr Luigi. This spin on dr mario had L-shaped pills, which worked pretty good in both theming and gameplay.
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