To to play games via USB Loader GX

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    can any body inform me how to load games through USB loader GX channel which I have already installed, I have tried so many times but unable to load the games which I have downloaded from different sites and these are .ISO files or .wbfs files and I have formatted my USB with WBFS manager and copied the ISO or wbfs files into USB but wii console unable to load these games through USB loader channel !!!
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    use WiiBackupManager to put the game in the correct place and in the correct filename.


    Put your Wii GameDisc in the console when you are in USBLoaderGX, and select "Install". It will copy the game in the right place, in the right filename.
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    I assume you've installed a cIOS (ModMii is the recommended way to get these unless you're experienced with Wii softmodding)
    A cIOS is required for loading backups. As long as you have a USB Loader and a cIOS, you should be good to go.
    And like Cyan said, use Wii Backup Manager for adding the games, that way you can be certain they're added correctly.
    Also, if you are using the forwarder channel, make sure you have USB Loader GX placed in the apps dir on your SD card, as the forwarder channel loads it from there.
    If none of that helps, then please be more specific about your problem because when you just say it doesn't work without saying where it fails or what happens, we have to guess at what could be wrong and that makes it a lot harder to help you.